WakeBoard with IntelliJetIntelliJet has a much larger nozzle at low speeds and makes better use of motor torque to provide improved acceleration over conventional marine jets. 

For example, when the operator demands full acceleration, the IntelliJet will use full motor power at lower rpm for a few seconds to get up on plane.   At higher speeds, IntelliJet will allow higher rpm as necessary to preserve motor life.

The solution to motor protection with fixed propellers and conventional jets has been to program the motor’s electronic control module (ECM) to reduce motor power at lower rpm and increase the peak rpm, so that neither the motor nor the gears can possibly be challenged under any circumstances.  This approach relies on excessive rpm, which limits fuel economy and reduces motor life.

Waterski with IntelliJetWith IntelliJet, if a motor will work in a truck, it will work in a boat without having its torque severely limited, which allows much more efficient operation and better performance.