IntelliJet + Diesel = Sustainability

MilitaryResponseDiesel motors are the common choice in commercial, police, military, international, and larger recreational boats.  These motors are electronically controlled and are programmed for use in industrial, commercial, and other applications.  IntelliJet can be programmed to operate with most diesel motors for high performance, fuel efficiency, reliability and motor life.

White Pleasure Yacht Isolated on White BackgroundIntelliJet systems answer the need for innovation to improve fuel economy, safety, reliability, marine life protection, and more.

IntelliJet works with the motor like an automatic transmission in a truck to produce the required power at the most efficient rpm.  This total system approach also assures the most efficient conversion of that power to thrust.

MilitaryUSN_SpecialOpsThe system is above the bottom of the hull, like a conventional jet, which minimizes draft, injuries to people/marine life, and damage to the system.

Unlike a conventional jet, the IntelliJet reverse thrust does not disturb the bottom.

The combination of all of these innovative benefits in one system will create a new growth market by making existing and competing craft obsolete in terms of sustainability, green, safety, environmental considerations, operating costs, and other factors that are highly valued by government, commercial, and recreational buyers.

MilitaryRHIBUsing modular design and electronic controllers similar to that used in trucks, the total system of motor and IntelliJet produces many advantages, including:

  • Higher performance
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Both high-speed and heavy-load capable
  • Maneuverable at all speeds
  • High reliability and maintainability
  • Safe operations
  • Shallow draft capability
  • No rooster tail