Electric and hybrid systems operate more efficiently with IntelliJet.

Efficient propulsion is essential in electric boats, because adding batteries is expensive and adds weight, which reduces payload, speed, and/or range.

Maintaining propulsion efficiency is most challenging when the craft is required to operate over a range of speeds carrying various loads.

In many situations, it is necessary to slow down to preserve energy and to extend operating time, so efficient operation at lower speeds is especially important.

IntelliJet in combination with an electric motor uniquely answers these needs by nearly doubling propulsion efficiency at lower speeds, while it is also able to maintain efficient propulsion  over a wide range of speeds and loads.

The electronic controller does this by always using the lowest possible motor/pump rpm, which results in the maximum conversion of power to thrust. It also adjusts the nozzle to maintain maximum pump efficiency and adjusts the inlet to optimally recover the power available at the inlet duct entrance.

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