Fuel Consumption

The transmission in a car or truck automatically shifts gears to reduce the motor rpm to achieve the best fuel economy and motor life.

wakeboardingIntelliJet does the same thing for a boat: it acts as a continuously variable transmission (CVT) to operate gas and diesel motors much like they would operate in cars and trucks, which achieves the best fuel economy and motor life in the boat.

Propellers and conventional jets have only one gear, which only operates the motor efficiently at near full power.  Full power is mostly used at top speed, where most boats spend very little time.

The IntelliJet is naturally larger at lower speeds.  This has the same effect as changing the propeller size to suit the boat speed and produces more thrust from the available power.  This benefit is greatest from docking to cruising speeds, where most boats spend most of their time.

The motor uses less fuel to produce power, and the larger jet uses less power to produce the required thrust.  These benefits are compounded for higher fuel efficiency.

Most of the time, the IntelliJet motor is required to produce less power at lower rpm to produce the required thrust.  This feature generally extends gas and diesel motor life.  It is also useful in reducing electric power consumption in electric and hybrid systems.