IntelliJet Gas Applications

Recreational boats in the US account for most of the gasoline powered boats in use. New inboard, stern drive and jet boats use automobile and truck engines, which are becoming lighter to meet higher fuel economy requirements.

These motors are designed for use with electronically controlled transmissions with more gears or continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) to achieve a combination of performance, fuel economy, and motor life. IntelliJet’s electronically controlled CVT function allows these motors to have the same type of support in boats to achieve the same goals.

The Intellijet preserves motor life by requiring less power at lower rpm to achieve the necessary thrust most of the time, as is more fully explained in How It Works.

The total system of motor and IntelliJet produces many advantages, including:

  • Higher performance
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Both high-speed and heavy-load capable
  • Maneuverable at all speeds
  • High reliability and maintainability
  • Safe operations
  • Shallow draft capability
  • No rooster tail