Recreational Jet Boats

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Existing jet boats have the identical problem as the first generation of jet airplanes. Although they are fast and maneuverable, their initial acceleration under load is so poor they can barely pull water-skiers out of the water. They can be designed to either go fast with poor acceleration, or to provide acceleration at the trade-off of low top speed.

As a result of their design limitations, jet boats spend much of the time operating inefficiently and have a reputation for excessive fuel consumption.

If it were not for these operating range restrictions virtually all boats would be water-jet powered. Jets are safer than outdrives (no prop in the water). They are mechanically simpler than outdrives. They are more maneuverable than outdrives because the jet outlet is directionally controlled. But, historically, the jet was sized for speed and lacked the low speed thrust required for docking and acceleration.

IntelliJet overcomes the limitations of conventional marine jets by using computer-controlled pump pitch, inlet and nozzle to operate efficiently over a wide range of boat speeds, loads, and accelerations.  These features and benefits are explained more completely on other pages.

IntelliJet Marine answers these needs and more.