Too Many Used Recreational Boats

Many boat manufacturers have the same problems:

  • Excess capacity,
  • High mfg costs,
  • Too many used boats, and
  • Too much cutthroat competition for new boat sales by
  • Too many competitors.  

The following slide from the 2013 Boating Industry State of the Industry webinar shows the scope of the problem:

Slide from the Boating Industry and Marine Retailers of the Americas MDCE Webinar 2012 showing New 15+ Powerboat sales

The only path to significant profitability is a proprietary advantage in a class of boats that has no direct competitors, a class of boats that offers unique benefits that are prized by a significant segment of boat buyers.  

IntelliJet offers a unique combination of performance, fuel economy, safety, sustainability, reliability, and convenience, which answer needs cataloged in JD Power and industry surveys.

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